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__ From The SeattleBarFly Daybook:

Formula Drift -a national event at Evergreen Speedway !
25 July 15 noon. Steve.
Drift racing is way fun... far from the usual auto race, and their supportive culture made this event really rock. Kudos to the guys whom arranged such a fun event. Took home a big smile and lots of swag! Had to post a video to show 25 seconds ... now add in a very fun scene of peeps and boom - thereyago! VIDEO HERE!

Ocean Getaway! -Sandpiper Resort.
16 July 15 7:30pm.. SeattleBarFly.
Finally - Somewhat like cat hearding, gathering six people for an adventure at one teeny resort was daunting.. but, the trip was a hoot! Fotos over there -->

RED BULL Gravity Races - in Seattle!
02 Sept 14 7:30pm.. SeattleBarFly.
My-Oh-My... 2014 RED BULL elected Seattle as one of their stops across the USA; and the local 'go-cart' guys responded! Maybe I misheard, but 40 teams registered for this madness.. the event took all day too.. but what fun!
Photos can be found over there -->

Ok, been awhile! Started new work and been distracted - but...
07 June 14, 8pm or so.. SeattleBarFly.
Double-whoa. Been waaay tooo long since posting an update. Sorry! Ok, call it sleuthing / discovery - and yes, finding a few nifty HH spots to share! First off, Sunrisa (the Mex/American) spot in University Village, well, they are no longer - and now a new spot called EUREKA! - and their oven-warm Dark Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Ice Cream is a perfect topper after your fly'in around town.
More to come ... soon!

The Newport Wine and Seafood Festival once again a great day!
23 Feb 14 7pm or so.. SeattleBarFly.
Whoa, the annual NEWPORT Wine and Seafood Festival on the Oregon coast in Feb is usually rainy, but Newport turned summertime with an amazing bluebird day... in February... Ha! Only outdone by an usually massive wine-goer attendence this year, and of course, great seafood to checkout. We (MarCat and i) enjoyed a plate of oysters, smoked salmon, dips, and a bunch of snacks.. all-in-all, a grand time out. Enjoy a few pix over there -->

Are you kidding me?
Holiday Season and Christmas already? - MyOhMy!

12 Dec 13- 9:00am on Sunday morning. Slurrp the coffee -SBF
Ok, what? it's the holidays? Well, if you happen to spin swizel sticks in Seattle, there are TONS of holiday activites - somewhat overwhelming and so I'm not going to dwell.... ENJOY your holiday season!
SBF will be 'more in the game' with 2014 and offering new finds to share.. so please keep this site bookmarked!

Becoming a tradition! -
SBF goes international and (again) celibrates
The 36th Norwich Beer Festival for 2013 !

10 Nov 13- 7:32pm -SBF
By direct report from SBF's international pal Simon Mortley (lives in England) the 36th Norwich Brewfest was a grand ole time. This year Simon sent SBF an official program and brew costers from a few of his favorite brews... all fun and good reading! Well, I wish I could share all particulars, but trust me, the festival is HUGE and looks like a hellova marvelous festival. Thank you again for the program and swag SImon!

Fremont Summer Solstice Parade and Street Fair +
Dean R's Solstice party and Music Jam.

22 June 13- 9:00am till midnight -SBF
The brews flowed all day at Fremont ! A small group of good pals enjoyed a warm sunny summer solstice this year. Also, the day ended with a great music jam with Dean, Steve, Mary and a few others.. keeping the evening warm till midnight. Whaddahoot! - A link to all photos of the day found over there !-->

The ELVIS Invitiationals at EMP! the king of rock and roll is back to wooo the crowd once again!
12 Jan 13 7pm till midnight or so.. SeattleBarFly.
Whoa, the King of rock revisits the EMP to remind everyone just who is KING! Enjoy the photos (link over there --> ), sit back, recall the music and personna of this amazing man... and order up a banana + peanut butter sandwitch.

News from the UK - The 35th Annual Norwich Beer Festival.
10 Nov 12 7pm or so.. International report Simon Mortley.
When it comes to beer, Norwich does it right. Our pal Simon jumped right in!

The Norwich Beer Festival (in Norwich, UK) is celebrating it’s 35th year!
More details here
Whoa.. thanks Simon Mortley !

National Elections are over -Whoopie! get back to work!
07 Nov 12 11AM -Steve
No comment ...but I did vote TWO weeks early!

Do you know -- built-in pour measures with SOLO cups.
29 May 12 11AM -Steve
No bartender should be without a faster way to get things done. SOLO cups offer nifty features to measure any pour... cool.

Super cool - Elliott Bay Brewing Co - now in Lake City!
01 Aprr 12 six-o-nine-pee-em. -Steve
No April fools here - Elliott Bay Brewing now has a grand location up there in Seattle's northern neigborhood Lake City. Finally a cool, clean establishment that pours great brews and the kitchen kicks out perfect dishes pairing with your fave brew. Last night, the guest brewers list included ACE pear cider... just plain the best stuff on earth. Go there tonight!

SeattleBarFly welcomes partnership with !

Nifty... food pairing also works at happy hours... too!
06 Mar 12- 12 noon -StBF
The thought of what drink to serve with your food creations gets daunitng.... here, take in a little help... then decide. After all, it's your dinner!

Hangovers: This could help your morning routine.
19 Jan 12- 2:00pm -StBF
The hangover occasionally bites ya.. I hope you find this informative, or better yet, here is to hope the product actually works. Ok, now back to 'drink responsibly' mode.

New Years Eve 2011 - in Seattle's Columbia Tower ... fun!
31 Dec 11- 12:00pm -Steve
The Columbia Club was a perfect place for a classy New Years Eve party! Good freinds -new and old- celebrate and welcome in 2012 with grand style... and with a big dash of hope for a prosperous new year.
Enjoy 100+ photos in the link over there ---->>>
19 Dec 11- 12 noon -SBF
Whidbey Island Ice Cream Company is just amazing. Today, creamery owners Ron and Florence HAND-DELIVERED 4 pints of hard-to-find Christmas season Peppermint Candy Ice Cream to me in Seattle! Our peppermint-fanatic and fitness guru Julie will be all smiles later tonight ;) So a big 'thank you, thank you!' -for a grand effort and your amazing ice cream!!

The HARBORSIDE (on lk Union) restaurant HAS a new facelift !
17 Nov 11- 2:45am -sent in by Blenderboy
Yippy-skippy! - McCormick and Schmick's 'The HARBORSIDE' on Lake Union will REOPEN Tuesday Nov. 22nd... 'common down!
17 Nov 11- 8:00pm -SBF
Site suggests a 'pairing' of drink to your music selection... Cool !

teMusic online... enjoy!
13 Oct 11- 4:10pm
How clean is your favorite happy hour spot?
Enjoy this new service... and share with your friends!
26 Sep 11- 6:45pm -sent in by Steve

Happy Birthday !
4 March 11- 10:33am -sent in by Adriana Jones
Happy birthday to you or your friends! Lush Life will provide a complimentary bottle of champagne, NO cover, and a table just for your birthday guests!
Email for more information.

Hey Snow Riders ! - TELUS ski and Snowboard Festival 2011
04 March 11- 4:00pm -SBF
The TELUS Ski and Snowboard Festival comes to Whistler Canada again between April 15th - 24th, and this year marks it's 10th year! Datebooks show a huge apres-ski lineup which includes a review of the 72-hour filmmaker winners over the past 10 years (plus noteworthy short films). Oh yea, alpine snow in April is fantastic!

Valentines Day Cruise ..just an idea beyond the usual.

11 Feb 11- 6:45am -Steve
Valentine's Day is closing in.. what to do! Nothing finer than a dinner and a movie right? too normal for you? The fine folks at Argosy Cruises offer a great deal on the big boat - a Valentines Day dinner cruise. Check it out

4th Annual Christmas dash... December 17th 2010.
8 Dec 10- 3:00pm -Steve
Holidays are here again. This event drives home the fun-and-frolic that can be found in downtown Seattle during the hilidays. Happy hours, a quick dash for a goody to toss in the red bag, and lots of shared fun. As with last year things kick off at 5pm in City Center's classy restaruant Palomino. Of course it's happy hour! Contact Steve for details.

Just married! - Laura and Tim ! ;)
4 Oct 10- 5:51pm -Steve
Another fine couple-o-friends made it official. indeed! Now, just how did Tim get Laura into that helicopter outfit anyway? Hehe.. All smile to you both!

ZIG ZAG Cafe - just won best bar AND best bartender award 2010 !
3 Sept 10- 6:00pm -SBF
Another one! In 2007, ZIG ZAG received accolades for a best cocktail menu, and now awarded for both best bar and bartender? just amazing.. er.. bes! And now a 'must visit' place when in Pike Place Market or downtown Seattle.

Winthrop Blues Festival 2010
10 July 10- 8:50pm -Steve
Another one! Maggie Easton and friends gather again for the blues in the beautiful Methow Valley... a sizzler of a weekend! Then it's off for some quiet time at Blue Lake.. just south of Banks Lake in Eastern Washington.
Enjoy the pics over there --> ;)

Seattle Weekly ARTOPIA -This Weekend ! June 26th
25 June 10 - 2am -SBF

Our good neighbors in Georgetown have pulled together a day filled with thrills, spills, art, and atics all over the streets.. Power Tool Races are a favorite. Seattle Weekly sponsors the fun!

Seattle Art Museum.. GET OUT! Series:
PARTY IN THE PARK - Friday night at 8:30pm!

23 June 10 - Noon -Steve
If you know about SAM, then you know their parties are grand! This one is at the Olympic Sculpture Park and it's sure to be fun with live music from Mudhoney, catered food, and lots to drink! A favorite SeattleBarFly activity!

Ok, Finally... Updated lists !
05 June 10 - 2am -SBF
As promised for many months now, SBF finally updated and checked through all the happy hour lists. There are many, I still may have missed something, so if you find a error or an entry that is gone, wrong info, etc.. please let me know. Thanks.....

Full Throttle Bottles -in Georgetown.
27 May 10 - noon -Steve
Well, no happy hour here, but I had to mention this place. It will rock your world with hard-to-find beer and wine selections. Select brews, wines, mead, etc.. are showcased via 'tasting events' offered monthly. Erika knows her products and makes this place special. This is a MUST VISIT for anyone whom seeks new stuff to try.. or seeking a great gift. 5909 S. Airport Way Seattle, WA. 98108 / 206-763-2079

Living Social.. these guys are on to something..
24 May 10 - 7am -Steve -One evening you'll just want to go somewhere new.. but slightly cringe at thoughts of expense trying something new. Hey, it's the economy.. everyone's crhinging a bit.. so how to help you out of this tragedy? The peeps at LivingSocial mix up food deals with local Seattle venues at basically happy hour pricing. Check'em out for coupons to spur you out the door for your next dining adventure.

B and G's Easter Party 2010
19 April 10 - 3pm -Steve
Another one for the adults! Bert and Gurtud's 'Easter Bottle Hunt' was a fun party! Thank you guys for putting that one together, and with all the goodies... live music, food, and of course, a big yard for the bottle hunt! Whoopiee. Photos over there ! --->

Holland America 3-week cruise - thru the Panama Canal
22.Oct.09 - 3pm -Steve
Art school instructor Keith Imus and I travelled by cruise ship down the coast, thru the Panama Canal, and out to Ft. Lauderdale.. and many ports in between. Holland America ship WESTERDAM was a fun!

Withrop Blues Festival 2009
20.July.09 - 2am -SBF, Nick, Margaret, Maggie E
Maggie E arranged everything again this year! .. and fly fishing rounded out my weekend... all in 100 degree heat.

SOVREN Vintage Auto Races 2009
26 July.09 - 4pm -SBF + Guest
Chuck Holmes found an extra ticket for my 67 Camaro at Sovren Vintage Auto Races.. Next year I promise to register early! Enjoy 115 pix over there -->

Fremont Solstice parade 2009
24.Jun.09 - 10am -Margaret
Once again, fun was had by all at the 2009 Fremont Solstice Parade in Seattle WA.. Art, Espression, and fun.. lots of it. Enjoy the pix over there ->

A few areas now added... Sodo, Georgetown, Roosevelt.. why didn't we think of them earlier?
18.June 09 - 3:30pm -Nick B.
Well, in talking with a lady at the Greenlake bar and grill, it suddenly occurred to me I had not done a few updates ..mostly additions I've been collecting (there are more coming too). Thanks Inga... and kick butt at that Triathalon in a few weeks! (she has been swimming across greenlake) - Cool.

2009 TELUS Ski and Snowboard Festival
26.April.09 - 2:10am -SBF
The 2009 TELUS Ski and Snowboard Festival was not to be missed! Arrived within the last three days, all went great, and Ken and HulaStan were a hoot to ski with in sunny blue sky every day! Photos over there -->

With the promise of 'More Bars in More Places' ...
SBF admin guy Steve changed cel provider to AT&T !
02.Apr.09 - 6:00p -Steve
Large communications giant AT&T is smack talk'in about more bars? haha.. Well, switching cel service was easy! Contact Kallie at the Northgate AT&T store !

Robot WARS 2009 -Key Arena, Seattle WA.
30.Mar.09 - 4:55a -Elaine
What the heck? High school students and engineering mentors from all over (even one team from Turkey) collided their creations at the Robot WARS competition held in Seattle last weekend.. what fun! Link to pix over there -->

Seattle's Winterfest 2008 - Fire Festival !
10.Jan.09 - 2:33a -Mar
What can I say? Lots of fire, sculptures, dancers, music, and hedonistic mayhem! ...and just family orented fun with flames in the middle of winter!

New Happyness in North Seattle!
07.Jan.09 - 10:04a -SBF
Sure, The Saffron Grill is a new North Seattle spot serving Indian and Mediterannean fare.. and the food is terrific. But I gotta say, once inside, I was greeted by everyone... and even the owner visited my table to say hi. -Amazing cozyness! Read more in the North Seattle link above.

Bad economy?
Finacials have dunked, but happy hours are looking better than ever to soothe your wallet woes ...and a perfect boost for your holiday social life!
08.Dec.08 - 5:33p -Steve
Finacial portfolios have tanked, but I gotta admit, happy hours are still looking pretty darn good. Big updates to the list include Ivar's has caved into costs and increased their prices. Happy food is still a great bagran, but nothing like the bargans we had before. Rats. Still, no reason to sit at home and sob... So get out there!

New table of Happy Hour links!
-that BarFly finally got some'in done.
04.Oct.08 - 4:10a -SBF
A few changes that make sense! -Why not have a nifty table of happy hours by neigborhood? That should improve your finding some happyness.. enjoy.

ARTOPIA 2008 ... our little Georgetown goes nutz !
01.July.08 - 11:00pm -Mar
Ok.. just imagine your old Skill saw on wheels.. yep, that's what Power Tool Races were like. Side-by-side fun! Georgetown just went nutz with art, dance, music, and well.. fun! Enjoy pix over there -->

Random Thoughts... Walking and Beer.
12.May.08 - 2:30pm -Steve
Rodney-T e-mailed a nifty study about walking and beer; 'A recent study found the average American walks about 900 miles per year. Another study found Americans drink, on average, 22 gallons of beer a year... So the average beer-drinking American gets about 41 miles to the gallon.' - Kind of makes you proud to be an American - yes?
Food for thought indeed.
That cat Rodney is on it.. Thanks man.

2008 Seattle Maritime Festival - Tug Boat Races !
10.May.08 - 11:30pm -SBF
This annual event really stirs up the water in Elliott Bay and everyone simply has a great time ! Only thing that was missing was an Irish coffee ! Pier 70 was the photo spot.. see'm over there -->

2008 Cinco de Mayo -at Alpental Ski Area, WA.
05.May.08 - 10:30pm -Guest
Just when everyone thought snow skiing was done, Doug and Jeffrey drag the Barfly to Alpental's annual Cinco de Mayo spring ski fling.. Sun, skiing, music, and beer.. all to celebrate with Mexico.. Whaddahoot !

2008 TELUS Ski and Snowboard Festival
23.April.08 - 11:08am -SBF
The 2008 TELUS Ski and Snowboard Festival was not to be missed! It also was really cold... like 30 -15 F on top ...whoababy !

Steve captured a few local sightings during a TELUS Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler, Cn., then created a similar graphic to the festival's main poster art... enjoy the 2007 pix over there on that link! --->
21.Apr.07 - 3:30am -Steve

OK.. let's start the new year with some humor...
02.Jan.07 - 1am - SBF
This Barfly has followed Joe for years. I finally e-mailed Mr. Joe for an ok to link to his wacky stuff... he said 'All good!' -Kool guy that Joe. Enjoy the world thru the eyes of Joe's troubled gerbil, dog, baby, even Santa...

20.Jan.07 - Midnight. Peace.. BarFly

2006 Is Happy 200th-Birthday to the Cocktail !
04.Oct.06 - 3:00pm -SBF
-Yep, 200 years ago from 2006 the first cocktails were made and enjoyed. Have an Old Fashioned soon!

A note about a new face- Meet Morgan The Cat.
07.Sept.06 - 1:30am -Nick
Nick here, I call him Captian Morgan -just like the rum. Ya see, that-little-cat is gonna be one of those sailboat cats. May even get fitted for a skull & crossbones bandanna, even a life vest. Now, we must be patient... cause atthe moment, it seems Morgan can't find his beer again, and he's mak'in a big deal over it too.

....'Hey dude! ... like, uh,... turn around! '

Man... young cats these days.

Featured Photos:

2015 - Sandpiper! Ok, This one is just for fun and to share photos with six peeps from all over...

2014 RED BULL Gravity Races - Seattle!
Might as well down a few Red Bulls while gawking at the gallery!

2014 Newport Wine and Seafood Festival Whaddahoot - the oysters were fabulous!

2013 Fremont Summer Solstice Parade !
The Fremont art crowd really knows how to enjoy a sunny day !
Plus, photos of Dean's music party -a full day!

Pix are copyable - just use right mouse button for 'save as' command.

2013 Easter Bottle Hunt !
The adult Easter fun returns for 2013 !

2013 ELVIS
Invitiationals !
ELVIS is alive and well - This annual show celebrating Elvis' birthday is always quite intertaining!
Held at Seattle's EMP music museum, in the 'Sky Church'. FUN..
and thank you, thank you.. verry muuch...

2012 Summer Walkabout in Washington
Washington backroads are amazing.. and in the right places, camping can be free!

Duckdodge 2012
Seattle's weekly sailing regatta just for fun and practice. Theme here is 'Tropical Night'... with a gas-powered blender of course.

Winthrop Blues 12
2012 marks their 25th year! Pics are mostly of great friends + camping... plus a road trip into BC Canada

Fireworks, Sailboats, Kites, and Pirates!
July 4th 2012
From Poulsbo to Alki... July 4th goofyness!

2012 Tugboat Races (Seattle Maritime Festival)
The annual boat party on Elliott Bay

2012 TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival
Just a few pix from 5 days of fun!

NewYears Eve 2011
A grand eveing out! Ringing in the new year with friends at the Columbia Club.!

Winthrop Blues '10
Methow Valley just rocks-.add some kickin blues and you get a cool festival!

Easter Bottle '10
B & G were at it again this year!

SOVREN Vintage Auto Races '09
An amazing day featuring classic racers.. and a quick lap with the ole Camaro..4th of July fun!

Fremont Solstice '09
175 photos this year..

ARTOPIA '08Art, cuture, dance, and music.. fun for all in South Seattle!

Fremont Solstice '08Art and expression -an easy 75 photos this year.

Photo Archives :

Winthrop Blues '07
This cowboy town knows how to have fun!
-Winthrop WA.

All Chevy Show '07
Beautiful day - beautiful cars! -Issaquah WA.

SOVREN Vintage Auto Races '07An amazing day featuring classic racers driven by some classy people.
--Additional Photos by Steve Leonard..

Fremont Solstice '07
A parade for art and expression -300+photos!

Sharon's LegsWhere they are now?

Shake the Shack / Shanty Tavern
Car Show '06
Hot rods with a fun little tavern.. too cool.

Rat City RollerGirrls
These ladies really roll